FESS Family Tree

Stephanie Fess Tharp


Emily Kathryn Tharp
Claire Elizabeth Tharp
John Wilson Tharp


Stephanie's Father
Michael Don Fess


Michael Don's daughter

STEPHANIE, born July 24, 1962 in Shreveport, Louisiana
           grew up there and finished Capt. Shreve High School
           was nationally ranked in junior tennis
           attended SMU on tennis scholarship
           set school records and selected All-American
           received BA from SMU and worked real estate in Dallas 
           where she met  at Love field and married
JOHN GARY THARP, born August 28, 1957
           wedding in Shreveport Jan. 7, 1989 at First Methodist Ch.
          They settled in Little Rock, Arkansas where Gary
           has a medical practice in Child Psychiatry
           They divorced in 2004
They have three children  -  Emily, Claire, and Wilson

Honeymoon Limo

Stephanie attended St. Joseph Elementary School where she was a champion athlete.

In tennis, she was #1 in the South in every age group.

   She was a nationally ranked junior tennis   
      player every year -  as high as 5th in the nation in the 12's age group.

"She was one of the top recruits in the
country," said her coach, Owen McHaney.

She played #1 at SMU as a freshman where she made All-American.

At age twenty, she was named "Athlete of the Year" by the AIAW.

She elected not to turn pro.

Stephanie about 7

Stephanie with her mom and
Mother-in-law in Palm Springs
National Team Tennis Tournament
September 2000

Shreveport City Finals  - 19??
Stephanie beats mom

Stephanie 1980
Graduating from Captain Shreve High School in Shreveport, LA

Stephanie's 1st child Emily
Summer 1991 at the beach

Stephanie with children  -  Xmas 2003

Stephanie about to hit a winning shot in Palm Springs 2003.
Her 5.0 team from Arkansas won
the 2003 National Championship

Stephanie 1st grade

Stephanie at age 3

Stephanie with her 2003 National
Championship 5.0 Tennis Team
at a celebration party

Stephanie's daughters,
Emily and Claire dressed as
"waitresses" at their grandmother's Bon Appetit about 1997

Stephanie and daughters,
Emily and Claire
photo Easter 1994

Stephanie's 1st
tennis dress

Stephanie's daughter,
Emily age 16

Stephanie  Christmas   2006

Stephanie's son Wilson
Pulaski Academy 8th grade
Fall 2007

Stephanie and children
Wilson, Claire, and Emily
Christmas 2007

Stephanie's daughter,
Claire age 15

Stephanie's daughters
Claire & Emily
College Girls August 2010

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