HENRY 1808-1866

Henry's Children
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WILLIAM  1854-1943



William's children
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ORA FESS 1885 - 1974

ORA's Children

  PAUL          1908-1979
  VAUGHN    1910-1979
  WM. GERALD    1918-1997

ORA's  19 Grandchildren
Anita June Walton
Barbara Ann Fess
Carolyn June Fess
Charles Robert Kendrick, Jr.
Cheryl Louise Walton
David Weldon Fess
Debera Lynn Kendrick
Helen Ruth Fess
James Bernard Walton, III
Joan Elizabeth Fess
John Keith Walton
Kathryn Ann Kendrick
Kenneth Dan Kendrick
Mary Frances Fess
Margaret Ellen Fess
Meredith Ann Fess
Michael Don Fess
Paul Ray Fess
Stephen Larry Fess

An Old Family Photo


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A Pictorial Family Tree beginning with
Henry Fess and Barbara Herring

Henry and Barbara settled in Ohio but Henry had two brothers;
One settled in New York State and the other lived in Greensburg, PA

The three brothers are believed to have immigrated from Alsace-Lorraine
Any information about the two brothers or their descendents is welcome.

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  Grandson ORA'S Family Birthdays     
Grandaughter ICY BEATRICE'S  Family Birthdays

Henry's grandson Oraas most of his
grandchildren remember him

Earliest family members with details in this presentation are:
      Henry Fess 1808-1866 married Barbara Herring 1831-1920
They had six sons and a daughter, one of the boys died as an infant.
Jacob 1848-1912 married Lizzie Broches, had Pyrle Fess and stepson, Tol Haines.
Elizabeth 1851-1945 married George W. Brown had Rhoda, Mina, Burl, and Ada
WILLIAM 1854-1943 married Rebecca Sutton had:
ORA 1885-1974, Burr 1888, Harry 1892, Alice 1895
Levi 1856-1929 married Levinia, had Lulu, Lydia, Oral, Harold Roscoe, Earl Ray &: 
            Harley Englehart who married Ida Mae Starkey and had Wayne Harley & Dale
JAMES MARION 1859-1907 married Pearl Louise Lehman 1883-1963 had:
            Lois Blanche 1899, Icy Beatrice 1902-1995, Otis James 1905-1990
SIMEON DAVISON 1861-1936 married Eva Candice Thomas had:
            Hamilton Lehr
1891-1965, Lowell Thomas 1895-1971, Charles Sumner 1897-1955
      CHARLES 1866-1944 married Inez Ingledue had:
            Guy Carlton 1894, Gerald H. 1892, Audrey Madeline 1901, and Donald ?

BRIEF HISTORY               A Rare Family Photograph


Jacob  -  No information except listed above
Elizabeth Ellen Fess Brown  -  had three daughters and one son:
      Rhoda Anne born October 16, 1874
      Mina Elverda born February 17, 1876 married Orin Ferris Marshall
      Burl Bertram born June 27, 1881 married Lizzie Keys
      Ada Levina born January 29, 1884 married Thomas Slayton Crawford
William  -  married Rebecca Sutton and had three sons and one daughter:
Ora  -  born January 27, 1885 married Eunice Lina Hutson on December 22, 1907
                 descendents listed at left in green area
      Burr  -  born April 13, 1888, no descendents
      Harry  -  born August 28, 1892 married Mary Locke and had four boys:
                  Paul "Bud" ;  Robert "Bobby" ; James "Boy" Fess;  and William
Alice  -  born November 9, 1895 married William Bowsher; no children
                   raised one of Harry's boys, Paul "Bud" after Harry's divorce
Levi  -   had a grandson, Wayne Harley born May 1, 1924, who married Betty Horn had
             Cheryl, born February 6, 1945who married Jim Snider, born June 6, 1945 had:
                    Dennis Wayne and Kimberly Sue, Dec. 9, 1966, who had:
                    Zachary Curtis, Kourtney Elizabeth, Kasey Lynn, Kassidy Elaine
             and Jill, born December 17, 1955, married Joe Bower.
                    Jill's Son, Jason Wayne Opperman has a son, Brayden Wayne
James Marion  -  born October 10, 1859 married Pearl Louise Lehman and had:
      Lois Blanche  -  born December 22, 1899 married Alphonso Bernard Figgins had:
                Nancy ; Dora Ann ; Phillip Fess Figgins
Icy Beatrice  -  born August 19, 1902 married Wesley George Meckstroth and had:
                descendents listed below
Otis James  -  born June 29, 1905 married Ruth Caroline Guiot and had:
               descendents listed below
Simeon Davison  -  born December 11, 1861 married Eva Candice Thomas and had:
      Hamilton Lehr  -  born November 13, 1891 married Dorothy Davis and had:
               Theodore Davis Fess ; Dorothy Fess ; Hamilton Fess who had:
                      Gregory and Claire
      Lowell Thomas  -  born April 8, 1895 married Lillian Straughan and had :
               Thomas Simeon and Nancy Jeanne Fess, details below
               then married Doris Speakman and had Lorrie Ann
      Charles Sumner  -  born March 28, 1897 married Myrtle Kirkpatrick
Charles  -  born March 26, 1866 married Inez Ingledue
      No information except listed above

Ora's children and their descendents are listed on the left in the green area.

Harry and Mary were divorced while the boys were young
Paul "Bud" was raised by his Aunt Alice; James stayed with his dad
Robert and William stayed with their mother
      William had one daughter, Kristina, by his second wife, Carol Howell
Robert Duane married Joyce Ann Creps and had Linda Lou and Sharon Ann
            Linda has one son, Robert Russell Hopp
            Sharon has two sons; Jason Grey and Austin Taylor Seabert

Martha Ann Meckstroth  -  born in 1924 married Donald Jackson and had:
      Phyllis Jane  -  born 1944 married Renold Bly and had Chad and Donn
Flora Arlene Meckstroth  -  born in 1926 married Rufus A. Pautsch and had:
      Victoria Sophia  -  born in 1952 married Robert Frandy
      Alice Marjetta  -  born in 1953 married Allen Curry and had :
             Lieren Renee Curry  -  born in 1986 and Erianna Marie Curry born in 1989
David Earl Meckstroth -  born in 1928 married Beverly Hartzog and had:
      Marsha Lynn  -  born 1948 married Charles Aceda and had:
             Brandon Aceda born in 1973 and Leslie Renee born in 1975
      Kerry David  -  born in 1951 married Elizabeth and had Penny Sue born in 1968
      Rebecca Kim  -  born in 1956 married Mike Whitehead and had Christine in 1974
      Cheryl Lee  -  born in 1958 married ? and had Sara
Paul Gregory Meckstroth  -  born in 1930 and died with no descendents
Nancy Elizabeth Meckstroth  -  born in 1932 married Wilfred Kuker and had:
      Linda Marie  -  born in 1951 married Dan Gibson and had:
            Andrew Jay born in 1977 and  Jamie Lynn born in 1979
     Herman Wesley  -  born in 1954 married Laura Jane Wynn and had:
           Wilfred Robert born in 1982 and Kelley Marie born in 1987
Marilyn Jane Meckstroth  -  born in 1936 married Nathan Senter and had:
      Debra Ann, Diana Lynn, Gary Nathan, Ellen, and Paul Wesley
Stephen Fess Meckstroth  -  born in 1943 married Sandra Ann Adriansen and had:
      Cynthia, David Allen, Wesley James, and
      Leah Marie born in 1967 married Robert Grossman and had:
         Eric Scott (1987); Tasha Marie (1989); Stephanie Ann (1991); Cory James (1992)

James Robert  -  born April 5, 1933 married Barbara Nell Bice and had:
      Gregory John,
Elizabeth Marie, Matthew Steven, and Deborah
            Elizabeth "Libby" born June 6, 1963 married Michael Allen Barthelme and had:
                 Katheryn Elizabeth and James Vernon
                 Deborah married Jeffrey Parks and had Nicole and Adam
Joseph Marion born in April,1940 and had no children
George Bernard born Aug. 4, 1947 married Shirley Merritt and had:
      Andrew Shawn born Oct. 30, 1968 married Christy Sabin and had:
            Tara Nicole born Jan. 1, 1987 and had Ryder Andrew born Feb. 10, 2008
            Eric Joseph born Aug. 20, 1988
      Timothy George born Nov. 5, 1972 married Nicole Alexander and had:
            Robert Timothy born June 13, 1992
           Allyson Christine Marie born Oct. 13, 1993

Special thanks to Nancy Kuker, David Meckstroth, Meredith Fess Turk
Elizabeth Fess Barthelme, Lorrie Fess Jackson, Thomas Simeon Fess,
Sharon Fess Leyer, Claire Fess, Gregory Fess, Jill Bower, and Shirley Marshall
(Fess) for their contributions.

Note: Any additions of descendents or corrections should be addressed to Webmaster

Ora's son DON,
as most of his
children remember him




Don's son
Michael Don Fess
photo about 1982

Family Birthdays

Of this lineage

Don's Kids
2006 Reunion

Reunion 2011

Michael Don's Family
2006 Beach Trip

Michael Don's Family
2008 Beach Trip


Lowell Thomas "Red" Fess
Photo taken 1968
Ohio State Senator 5 terms

Henry's granddaughter
Icy Beatrice "Bea" Fess
Age 22
Photo courtesy daughter
Nancy Meckstroth Kuker

ICY's Family Birthdays

Henry's son
Simeon Davison Fess

Elected to the U.S. Senate from Ohio in 1922

    A staunch prohibitionist, he worked for women's suffrage, child-labor laws, workman's compensation, minimum wage legislation and other reforms.

In 1928, he became
Republican Senate Whip

Any member or descendent of any of these families is welcome to send photos and/or information !

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