Fess Family Tree

ERIC'S Children

Joshua Talmage
Olivia Hope
Orbre Benjamin
Luke Conrad

Eric's Father


David Eric Fess
Son of David Weldon Fess

David Eric, born December 17, 1964
        in  Plattsburgh, NY while father
        David was a tanker pilot in the
        U. S. Air Force
Married Rebecca Ann McClelland
        born December 20, 1963
        in Little Rock, AR on
        September 30, 1987

They have four children and currently live outside Fayetteville, Arkansas

David Eric
14 yrs old

David Eric
about 5 yrs old

David Eric
about 10 yrs old

David Eric and his bride,

David Eric
proud father with Josh
about 1988

David Eric with his father, David Weldon and his grandfather, Don about 1984

baby Eric with mother, Diana
Photo September 1965

David Eric and Josh
about 1988

David Eric, Josh, and
Olivia at the zoo about 1993

David Eric clowning with
his grandfather, Don Fess
Photo about 1970

David Eric, Rebecca,
Josh, and Olivia about 1992

David Eric, Josh, Olivia, at Orbre's high school graduation with Rebecca and Luke

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