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Michael Don Fess
Author at
FessBooks Publishing
Little Rock, Arkansas

One of the Worst
Serial Killers in History

   Observe this clever killer as he hops around the Caribbean.  He kills and steals identities without pangs of conscience or regret.
   He frustrates the FBI as they chase him from Miami Beach to Puerto Rico and beyond.

Will They Catch Him ?

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You'll Never Forget
The Black Widow

   When Burt Holmes sold his business for $1.4 million, he decided to borrow some ideas from the Cruising Serial Killer.
   One of the Caribbean murderers tries to match wits with the Cruising Black Widow. She is definitely one of a kind as she traps victims in her web.

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Mysterious Relics
In the Abacos, Bahamas

   The story of a most unusual discovery on Elbow Cay.
    Found by a local resident while tending his lobster condos, he becomes dangerously involved with the police, the FBI, and the Nazi ancestors of Hitler's Aryan Race.
   These relics can rewrite history as we know it.

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She Killed Her Husband
and Took a Cruise

   Finding a "death note" in her stateroom triggers a mystery that spans the Caribbean and almost ruins her new life.
   Bizarre murders and erotic sex, coupled with a romantic affair add to a dangerous two week cruise.

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The Amazing Louisiana Trilogy  -  set in 1964


             The Trilogy, read in the order shown, paints an amazing picture of life and Louisiana politics in 1964.
    Remember life without cell phones, computers, and Interstate highways . . .    Remember beepers, wet copiers, and camera film . . .

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The Not-So-Little Rock

      Kinky erotic play drives this novel of intrigue, murder, and politics as a billionaire reveals his humble beginnings with the discovery of a not-so-little rock in Arkansas's Crater of Diamonds.
     Rich in history, the story includes the state's financial difficulties during the depression and North Little Rock's famous "Old Mill," featured in the opening scene of "Gone With The Wind."

Adult Reading

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"What Do We Do With
What We've Learned"

"The Cruising Serial Killer"

"The Cruising Black Widow"

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Know Your Time

    An interesting dissertation on TIME. Have you ever wondered if time is different on other planets?
    Why are there twenty four hours in a day?

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"Know Your Time"   

Are We
Energy Parcels

   After death, do we become energy parcels roaming the Cosmos?
    Do we learn the secrets of the universe?
    Can we meet friends and other entities?
    Is there life on other planets in the galaxies?
Read this unique theory

Test your imagination

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A FREE Mystery Novella

Casino Scams

   A fictional look at some of the scams that plague casinos in a wild, action packed tale.
   Based in Tunica, MS, the fast paced mystery keeps the pages turning.

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    A thought provoking, fact filled discussion guaranteed to make you think.

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The Author at Hope Town on Elbow Cay 
Abacos, Bahamas on a research trip for
"Mystery on Elbow Cay"

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